Monday, February 28, 2011

February 25 Message from Jeddah Judy

We still don't know when Deanna will be released to fly to the U.S., but she is going to have another cat scan tomorrow in Dubai.  There is still the problem of poor circulation to the right foot--hoping and praying that complication subsides soon.  She struggles hard to communicate by writing with her left hand or with nods and signals.

Wendy and Ryan were great travelers yesterday.  They enjoyed skipping the lines at Immigration and Customs as the flight attendant whisked them through, and we had a good time together at the hotel where Erica joined us.  It was so good to be together and pizza was a hit.

Today we brought the kids to Austin, they're mostly unpacked and settled, and the day was so beautiful that the kids and I followed the urge to go to the park and then walk down to Lake Austin.  It was the walk up that exhausted us!  We hiked for almost two hours, so jetlag hit their sleepy bodies with a vengeance and they could hardly eat dinner.  They were very happy to go to bed at 6:30 pm.  We can all guess who's going to be chirping with the birds early tomorrow morning.

Thanks for continuing with your well wishes and prayers for Deanna and her family.

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