Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update February 21 at 10:37

Deanna had a very restful sleep last night. She woke up briefly a couple of times in the night then was fast asleep again. She was moved to ICU last night in a VIP ICU room (go figure.......nothing but the best for your daughter ! I even have a comfy sofa to myself in her room. Danielle is on her way shortly with a bag full of goodies for Deanna ( lip balm, cocoa butter cream for her feet ( we will give her a pedi as her toes are very dry) some trashy celebrity magazines and a laptop to try to get her to type, and an extra large coffee for me !

I have been reading her all the good wishes being sent her way on her fb profile and she smiles when reading the comment she is so alert. The Neurologist is coming in a couple of hours so I will relay to you all of the information. Danielle and I will speak with him together and perhaps one of us will write notes as he speaks.

I hope that you are getting rest and please that Deanna is in good spirits and very alert. I’m talking with her now letting her now that I'm typing you a message. I wish you a goodnight's sleep and sweet dreams chat with you soon.

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